Johnson Level & Tool 1886-0000 Magnetic Digital Angle Locator w/ 2 Buttons, Orange, 1 Locator


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Check and transfer angle measurements easily and accurately with Johnson’s compact magnetic digital angle locator. This tool easily and clearly displays angles in degrees from 0° to 90°, in both absolute and relative measurements, making your job go faster and more accurately. It features an automatic LCD backlight for easy visibility, and the reading will automatically invert when you’re taking overhead measurements. This angle locator comes with a soft-sided pouch to keep it clean and safe when not in use.


  • MAGNETIC ANGLE LOCATOR: This compact digital angle locator makes it simple and precise to check and transfer angle measurements. This tool readily and clearly shows angles in degrees from 0° to 90° in both absolute and relative measurements.
  • LCD BACKLIT DISPLAY: The angle locator has an automated LCD backlight for easier visibility, and the reading automatically inverts when performing overhead measurements. The resolution is ± 0.1°.
  • MAGNETIC BASE: This 2-button magnetic digital angle locator features strong rare earth magnets that provide strength and durability. Its magnetic base makes it ideal for use when working on ferrous surfaces like steel studs.
  • APPLICATION RANGE: This digital measuring tool, with a working range of 4 x 90°, is suitable for verifying and transferring angles for remodeling, cabinet or counter installation, measuring roof angles, aligning wood forms for concrete pours.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: This orange magnetic angle locator has a working temperature range of 32°F to 122°F (0° to 50° C). It works on a “AAA” alkaline battery (included). This tool offer accuracy of ± 0.1° for 0° and 90°, and ± 0.2°.
  • Automatic LCD backlight
  • Angle display in degrees
  • Magnetic base

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