Disston QUICKCORE Universal Adapter, 10X FASTER CORE EJECTION, Part E0100232


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DISSTON Blu-Mol Xtreme QuickCore Hole Saws. The QuickCore adaptor allows standard hole saws to be used on the QuickCore mandrel. Patented hole saw system that has up to 10X faster core ejection. Eliminates the #1 Issue with using a hole saw of core ejection. Quick change sleeve with and open back arbor allows for fast core removal. One Mandrel for all sizes. The wide Diamond slot and open back design allow for increase visibility and cooling while cutting. The QuickCore design allows for immediate plug removal with no need for added tools. 1 7/8″ depth of cut and Bi-Metal construction allows for cutting into wood, metal, plastic, and stainless steel. All sizes of hole saws available. Works with all QuickCore hole saw sizes.


  • QuickCore’s patented adaptor enables the user to quickly change hole saw sizes
  • Works with all brands of hole saws.
  • Includes extened pilot bit for use with the arbor.

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