Odor Assassin Convenient Sprays Orange Scent Odor Control Spray 6 oz Liquid


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Odor Assassin gets rid of airborne odors in seconds! Its industrial strength formula and exceptional scents are effective at eliminating odors from your home or vehicle including bathroom & diaper odors, musty basement odors, cooking odors, pet odors, smoke odors, medical odors, trash odors ÷ even skunk odors! Lab tests show that Odor Assassin eliminates more than 90% of odor molecules from the air. Compressed air is used as a natural propellant by Odor Assassin to dispense a continuous super-fine mist that lasts for hours – doesnt just cover up odors but assassinates them!

  • Eliminates odor in seconds lasts for hours.
  • Eco-friendly. Uses compressed air to dispense a super-fine mist spray.
  • Super concentrated – takes just 1 or 2 sprays to eliminate most odors
  • It gets rid of the odors yet leaves the entire area smelling wonderful
  • A single can will last for months
  • VOC complaint in all 50 states.
  • Eliminates offensive odors from pets, cooking, trash, bathrooms, tobacco smoke, incontinence, even musty odors.



  • Brand Name: Odor Assassin
  • Sub Brand: Convenient Sprays
  • Scent: Orange
  • Product Type: Odor Control Spray
  • Container Size: 6 oz
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Packaging Type: Can
  • Mfg# 124947


Odor Assassin

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Odor Assassin


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