Motomco Tomcat Toxic Bait Blocks For Mice and Rats 4 lb


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Tomcat has been a farmer favorite for effective control of rats and mice for years. Tomcat baits are manufactured with food-grade ingredients and enhancers, resulting in a palatable bait with consistent results in controlling rat and mouse infestations. Containing the anticoagulant diphacinone, Tomcat is an economical bait choice for day-to-day control of recurring rodent problems. Tomcat baits have provided proven results against rats and mice for more than 20 years.

  • Contains diphacinone, a multiple-feed 1st generation anticoagulant
  • Economical choice, good for light to moderate infestations
  • Formulated with an optimal blend of ingredients and low wax content for maximum palatability and weatherability
  • Unique block shape and edges preferred by rodents that like to gnaw
  • Contain holes for placing on rods in a bait station, or can be secured using nails or wire



  • Brand Name: Motomco
  • Sub Brand: Tomcat
  • Toxic or Non-Toxic: Toxic
  • Product Type: Bait
  • Product Form: Blocks
  • Animal Type: Mice and Rats
  • Container Size: 4 lb
  • Packaging Type: Pail
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Safe for Pets: No
  • All-Weather: Yes
  • All-weather Bait Chunx. For use in and around homes and buildings. Mold and moisture resistant. Palatable formulation.
  • Mfg# 32444



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